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Terms & Conditions
  • Elite Electrics will supply, install, connect and test all equipment and accessories, as detailed in the estimate, as required to meet the performance of that equipment or system.

  • Equipment or accessories supplied by the customer for installation shall not be guaranteed by Elite Electrics.

  • Works extra to the estimate, which have been instructed to be carried out by the customer, will be invoiced for accordingly.

  • Payment terms will be as per the invoice.  Payment is due on completion of works unless prior agreement has been made. Steps will be taken to recover outstanding payments 14 days after the date of invoice.

  • Equipment or accessories supplied by the customer will be installed in good faith, and be complete with all parts and instruction manuals necessary, but no guarantee will be made by Elite Electrics for that equipment.

  • All equipment supplied and installed by Elite Electrics shall be guaranteed for a period of 12 months from the date of completion for the installation. This guarantee does not apply to consumables, such as lamps and batteries.

  • Where the installation of equipment and accessories is under the direct control of Elite Electrics, all reasonable measures shall be taken in order to meet the agreed completion dates, Elite Electrics will not be held responsible for late delivery of equipment or accessories.

  • Common UK Law will govern all contracted work by Elite Electrics.

Contact us 07785 351084 or email Elite Electrics if you have any queries about our T&Cs

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